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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by scouse, May 15, 2002.

  1. scouse


    Has anyone any experience with this Broker they offer very low daytrading margins and a $6.50 round turn commision and only $2500 minimum to open an account.

    There site is


  2. This looks too much like one of their junk mail I get from them all the time. I hope you don't work for them.... ;)

    IMHO these low margins attract exactly the type of trader that can least afford to use this kind of leverage. But to each his own I guess. Good luck if you need that kind of margin. You'll need it. :D
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    and they offer what else???????
  4. sabena


    How much contracts needed to trade monthly to get 6.5,-$ ?
  5. scouse


    When I phoned them I just said I had an IB account and that is the rate they offered me $6.5.

    I think if you did a lot of volume they would probably reduce that rate.

    I currently have an IB account but I hate there customer services.
  6. Do they make money on commissions like that ? Just wondering. :D
  7. I noticed you asked the same question in another thread. Those rates aren't that great. Not terrible, but not great. Interactive Brokers offers $2.40 per side. $2000 minimum. Global requires $5000 if you want J-trader. IB offers $2000 intraday margin for ES, although I assume you quoted the overnight margin.

    Yes, yes, I know, too much margin is a dangerous thing. It never hurts to have double or triple the exchange minimum margin. I don't like brokers that don't quote their commissions on their websites, although that seems to be increasingly common. I'm not bashing these guys, just countering what seems to be a plug. Does anyone have any experience with J-trader? I know its available at various firms.

    BTW-I couldn't get their J-trader demo to work, but that could be my computer.

  8. scouse


    I am not spamming, I have got an IB account, and had a lot of trouble with customer service over a trade which disapeared from my account and was looking for an alternative at about the same commision level. I can guarantee you I have no connection with this company, I just wanted some feed back from anyone else who had used them that is all!!!!

    If you can suggest an alternative to IB, I will be more than glad to listen
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  10. yuck.... browser baser order entry.
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