Global Futures - Any experiences?

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    Any experiences with them ?

    Is it easy to open an account with them ?
    Do they accept lower income people(student here with part time job)?
    What are your commissions like if you don't mind me asking?

    BQ - Do you know any other relatively big brokers for futures trading with low com, low es margin, doesn't need $10,000 to open an account?

  2. I have been with global for a while. Their commissions are fairly low, but there are definitely lower commission brokers out there. I'm a swing trader and hold positions for days to weeks to months so I don't really mind if the commissions aren't the lowest.

    I use thinkorswim for charting and use the turbo trader 2 platform (free) on global. I use global because they offer a lot of futures contracts not available for trading on thinkorswim or at other brokers.

    Their customer service is great, they're very quick to answer emails/questions. All in all they're pretty solid and friendly to small accounts. They have some low day trading margins too- although I think someone starting out should stick to trading a single contract.

    The only thing that I can point out negative about Global is that it can be a little buggy at times. A week ago I was trying to build a position in 6A and bought two contracts. The next day the platform only showed me long one contract, but the official account statements confirmed I was long two. In the end it was all sorted out but it's a little worrisome that it happened in the first place.

    Another time I had an order in to short GC but decided to change my mind when I was away from my computer. I called them to cancel the order and they said there was no order in place. I might be getting old but I'm pretty sure I had this order in place. It was a GTC order so I know it didn't expire.

    But those are the only two issues that I've had over a 3 year period with them.

    In summary they are my exotic futures contract broker.
  3. I am a future trader focus on the emini NASDAQ 100, I live in Venezuela, South America. Most of my income come from trading activities. I day trade and also swing trade holding positions over night for days, weeks or months.

    I need some help from you. I had an ThinkorSwim account (more than 7 years) which was transferred to TD Ameritrade. Yesterday, I received an email from TD Ameritrade telling me that they have made the business decision to no longer offer brokerage services to clients located in certain foreign countries. Since I reside in one of those identified foreign countries they will proceed to close my account. This has shocked me. Now, I have to open a new futures brokerage account .

    I would like any advice about Global Futures.

    Remember, I only trade the emini NASDAQ 100. Could you please inform me of the TOTAL cost of trading emini NASDAQ 100 ?, including all fees (Exchange, Regulatory and Platform fees) per side ?. I day trade and also swing trade holding positions over night for days, weeks or months. I also live in Venezuela, South America.

    I will appreciate any help from you.

    Thank you.

  4. $4.32 Round Trip all in with Globan ZEN Trader (OEC rebranded platform), or CQG Q Trader plus 65$ per month, both very stable, but CQG is faster

    Avoid AMP NINJA CQG due to many disconnections during the day
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    This is bull. I'm on AMP/NT with CQG every day. It rocks.
  6. Do they track overnights positions ?.

    Thanks for the help.
  7. I don't understand the question
    go to their website and chat online or better call them