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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Sam_Trading, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. Hi there,

    anybody have expirience with this broker, who offers trading deu to pats-system j-trader for low daytrading margins.

  2. morse


    I have and a friend of mine both joined but since left. I had a big problem transferring money to them ! more then 3 weeks as they gave the wrong information also they over charge their comissions and the statements they send are very poor. On the plus side they have very low margins (lower then IB).:cool:
  3. tah


    Yes, I am currently trading with this brokerage. So far ( I have been trading with them a few months) very good service. Very low commisssions and margin. They answer the phone on usually the first ring....more than you can say for IB

  4. nkhoi


    I have account with them, service is ok and they answer the phone, be aware if you call during off hours the staff is not that experience and may tell you wrong thing, keep record of what they said in case something go wrong
  5. Tacsian


    I also have an account with them...statements are fine, emailed nightly, always correct so far (6 months with them). Margin is fantastic for intraday trading of the minis etc. I've called them 3 or 4 times for intraday help when I lost connection or whatnot, always got an answer on 1 ring and was helped by the person who answered, which rather surprised me...I'd ask for tech support or the order desk etc, and be helped on whatever issue by whomever answered, saved hold time and re-explaining my issue to X number of different people ( a common problem I had at Ira Epstein for example.) Only sent money in once, and that was via wire transfer and it was there for trading in 24 hours. Twice I had a 1 day delay in getting a wire out from them to my personal account. Both times I felt it shouldve easily been handled the day requested, but just got hung up one extra day. Overall, no complaints, and better than 3 or 4 others I've worked with over the years.