Global Expert Pad: Take your MT4 platform to the next level

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    Global Expert Pad: Take your MT4 platform to the next level

    Global Expert Pad provides MT4 users with advanced features including enhanced order placement capabilities leading to reduced manual execution time—qualities that make the Global Futures MT4 one of the most flexible in the market .

    Upgraded order entry capabilities: Under all market conditions, Expert Pad will provide MT4 users increased order options and reduce order entry time by using these advanced features:
    • Single complete order entry from one window
    • One Cancels Other (OCO) orders
    • One-Click order capability using Parked Orders and sets of orders for reuse
    • Close or modify multiple positions with a single click
    • Break-Even stops

    Upgraded position management capabilities: Once you are in a trade, Expert Pad provides you with several ways to manage your positions to fit your particular trading strategy:
    • Modify multiple orders at the same time
    • Hide Take Profit and Stop Losses from the broker
    • View a summary of all open positions by currency including spread and ATR
    • Manage multiple currency pair positions as a single Basket with S/L and T/P
    • Intelligent Trailing Stop with smart triggers

    New and unique Indicator Suite: Expert Pad’s Indicator Suite provides you with an additional set of indicators that analyze your MT4 charts. Additional indicators include:
    • Keltner Channels
    • Multibar Divergence
    • Velocity Rainbow
    • …and much more.

    To request a demo: CLICK HERE.

    If you need any additional information about Global Expert Pad, please visit our website at:
    The Global Futures Team
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    MT5 hit to market with some advance features. So, using MT5 is much better than using MT4.