Global Equity Index Futures - Liquidity & Volatility

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  1. Apart from ES, NQ, YM, ER2, DAX, ESTX50, CAC, NIK225, HSI & KOSPI what are the other global equity ndices that you consider good trading candidates vis-a-vis liquidity and volatility?

    What have been your experiences with these markets?

  2. Hi CPTrader,

    FTSE-100 is up there in the rankings shown below...

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  3. HSI made your that liquid?

  4. The HSI is NOT as liquid a sthe ES/YM/NQ/DAX/ESTX but it's a volatile market and an important market.

    Any more ideas on other good "tradeable" global indices?
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    You must have Eurex terminal for DDAX not to be dissadvantaged with quote dissemination
    Dax is influenced with local options -Zertifikate
    from euwax /34% from germany market/
  6. The list is incomplete. KOSPI futures options are far and away the most liquid contract in the world.

  7. Could you please elaborate?
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    1. You can search thread ultimate DAX,thema was disscused

    2. Member of Eurex and CME stated ,that connection
    to Eurex is old and in October was horrible delay with quote
    and execution also for members
    3. Non-member received only part of full quote
    compare ES 5 best bid -ask broadly offered
    4. No pure agent in Germany market
    5. Trading hours for dax only until 22.00
    6. No multiple ECN ,where you can see related ETF and Stock
    7. Legal system of germany dissadvantaged for retail sector against legal System in USA
    8. Commerzbank -Emmitent and Principal /trading agaist client orders/ controlled market for Zertifikate on DAX ,which is 34% of
    total market of derivative in Germany /
    Different DAX spike related to MM tactic to clean Derivate position by retail sector
    9. Leaders of both political parties out from Berlin and Head
    of department of the state married 5-th time ,in this day
    DAX +2.56%
    What would with ES,SP by equal situation in USA
    10. Commerzbank acquire Hypo through bil $ emmission
    of hew shares . Commerzbank and DAX + in this day.

    Best wish milstar
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    Any information from experienced operator about trading
    LFT(LX),GMCT(IX) LIFFE and Euronext,LSE would certainly

    Points of Interes -

    a.Broker pure agent
    b.5 best bid-ask quote without exchange terminal
    c. Reliability,stability
    d. Order handling ,routing and execution

    Your respectfully milstar

    P.S. Information about situation on HKEX,TSE,TIFFE also