Global economic implications if Iran wins

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  1. If Iran wins a war against Israel, the global economic implications would be catastrophic.

    This is why we should get our nukes ready to finish off Iran if an Iranian victory looks likely.

    A win for the terrorists means a win for Islam.
  2. Disagree.

    It would be a hot topic on CNN for exactly two news cycles, everybody would then move on to the next big thing, and obladi oblada.
  3. Israel has a first class military machine and committed soldiers. It is not conceivable that Iran could actually win a war against them anytime in the next decade. At best, sometime in the next few years Iran could deliver a nuclear device or three wiping out Israel as Israel wiped them out with ten (or more) nuclear weapons.

    I'm not against wiping them out but not because they could win a war but much more because they may be crazy enough to start one.

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    yuk! another iran thread!
  5. OP are you crazy or just not well informed.

    War on Iran is to cost 1.7 trillion dollars in latest estimates. So can we please ask you for your entire savings first.


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    If one has the independent/critical thinking skills of a baby, and one sucks on the teat of the MSM, one will regurgitate half-digested propaganda pablum.