Global Colding..........

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    It is going to be in the 30s and low 40s here in Wasjington DC for the next ten days; with snow predicted for 3 of those 10 days.

    Its not like this until February here and usually not even then.

    Does this mean Al Gore is a genius for fooling the sheep?

    Ironically Obama will be discussing global warming in Copenhagen while it is snowing here. I dont think we had one snow all of last winter.

    will a Liberal explain this to me?
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    Colding indeed.
  3. Thank Heavens for Global Warming or we'd all be freezing to death!

    I think it is because The Sun, the big guy in the sky, has been quite (a slightly lower energy output and very little sunspot activity) for 10 years now. Since the energy absorbed by the earth depends on how much is recieved in the first place, minus how much is reflected back into space, if the input drops and amount reflected back stays the same, we should see a drop in temperature.
    During the Little Ice Age, the global temp pretty suddenly dropped 5 degrees F colder.
    This time around, we were .6 degrees colder by 2008, which means when the sunspots return and the cosmic blowdryer turns back on (solar wind due to sunspots due to the Sun's magnetoelectrodynamics) we will probably warm up fast.

    Oh and Cap and trade allows companies to buy and preserve sections of the Amazon, Sumatra, or plant sections of forest to offset their carbon footprint. Some environmentalists don't like this approach, because the government or the "landowner" gets the money and natives (who did not get the memo that someone else showed up with the title for the land they live on) aren't allowed to slash and burn to make a living any more. But that seems to me to be something that the world court should handle, and it seems to me to have the best chance to keep the planet breathable.
  5. I'm guessing you don't know what "sample size" means. Hint: it isn't the size of shampoo you buy for travelling.
  6. It snowed yesterday in my area and it only snows here once every 5-10 years or so. The snow didnt stick for very long though.
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  8. Are you really this stupid, or just pretending?

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    10 day forecasts are worthless but anyway:

    There is no snow in the forecast for the next 5 days and the temps being predicted are seasonable for this time of year in DC

    Tonight Dec 8 Rain 44° 39° 100%
    Wed Dec 9 AM Rain 53° 35° 90%
    Thu Dec 10 Sunny 40° 26° 0%
    Fri Dec 11 Sunny 36°29° 0%
    Sat Dec 12 Mostly Cloudy 39° 36°10%

    Temps in DC get much colder than this during cold snaps in Jan/Feb...not sure what you are whining about, it didn't get below freezing last night.
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    yet another helpful post, it also snowed in Hhouston and is predicted in parts of Arizona...

    .you should give more money to Al Gore....30s in DC in december as a high doesnt happen often.
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