Global civil wars and hyperinflation.

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  1. Some people here seemed to think that total mess from fighting with each others, is worth the impression it gives to everyone.

    It's self-fulfilling, don't play your hands with such desinvolture.

    Try hard to keep yourself focused on solutions.

    Ask questions when you feel gloomy, instead of doing hyperbolic self-destruction.

    The kids who had the bad luck of being born right now and everyone else who works hard to get a minimum deserve that you stop whinning and promoting a tragedy.

    This crisis seem to be something we understand, we know about the world so why destroy everything because we're scared of one possibility of us being out of luck?

    Build your karma if you're so anxious, nobody ever said that karma works only once you are death or alive.

    We're in a mysterious world, living lives without having ever asked for it.

    No wonder we lose sight sometimes of what is needed for this world to work right.

    It's temporary, if we're given the time, we'll sort out no matter what happens.

    The good thing is that we're all in there having ways to communicate with people from different cultures, this has never been the case before.

    So i guess we'll turn somewhat fascist, that is our only way to survive when we lose control of our societies.

    But fascism is something very complicated that needs to be regulated either.

    If you are so obsessed with doom, find good fascism theories and discuss with others openly, pick fights about what needs to be done to make people understand that you can't play with humanity survival for your individual need.
  2. "desinvolture"

    Keep a French-English dictionary next to your PC when you post?
  3. At this exact moment I was tryiing to google that word and figure out what it means, looks like a nice word.
  4. I rather enjoy this OP and his style.

    There is much hidden meaning and layers of complexity in what he writes.

    He is just vague enough to make you work at dissecting his points, but not so vague as to lead one to miss the true substance and issues he directly speaks to. It's a nice balancing act.
  5. Sorry, desinvolture means casualness, (impertinence) offhandedness, not taking things too seriously.

  6. I tend to focus myself on geopolitics, it's more practical.

    At least you know that old grudge are influencing decisions, it is not only about money but also seriously about pride.

    The market needs to live like that, be proud and show it can keep its cool.

    Otherwise, as i said, government will take over and since they have no idea what value have anything since trust had evaporated, they will impose policies that reduce room to innovate for most people.

    Education will be all we can afford.

    Which is quite a good fascism, though we can get more if we avoid the armageddon mood.

    Oh you have to read that, she's done her job finding good researcher that don't seem to be paranoid or socialist.

    Why the demise of civilisation may be inevitable

    Will a pandemic bring down civilisation?

    That explains how unintended natural events, that are highly plausible, even if local in scale could have tragic influence on the world logistic infrastructure.

    That doesn't mean we're legit to give up, it just mean that we have something deeper than low growth to look after.

    Ok yes, i am being silly, i made my thread based on consider this as something we can work on and keep us focused instead of trying to control human behaviors.

    If we do that, we leave a public impression of order and that settle the weakest who are prone to panic.
  7. "Build your karma if you're so anxious, nobody ever said that karma works only once you are death or alive."

    Karma is not "forever"...we reincarnate because of negative karma and we can stop that by building up positive karma. What you posted was not too clear to me......
  8. It depend because karma can mean many things and many concept.

    It could be that you don't live anymore because of bad karma, some people don't want to stop living, are they evil or childish from that? i doubt it so i tend to believe that both outcome are plausible.
  9. solutions come from individuals with positive attitudes. Stay positive and enjoy the creativity and freedom it provides.

    Nice post OP, better than others that choose to focus on the negative.
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    Many of the One World Government believers are now saying there will be a pruning of the human race by 90%. I certainly hope we do not continue to see this type of propaganda spread. It makes me think there may be something to this belief.
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