Global Chart Cursor for TWS?

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  1. I'm using IB's Trader Workstation and cannot find a way to have the cursor (in my case set to vertical crosshair) display on all open charts at the same time. It only displays on the "active" chart.

    This behavior is very annoying when looking at more than one instrument at the same time. As I have no reliable way to be sure that bars I believe are from the same time actually aren't from slightly different times.


  2. harami


    There is no global crosshair in TWS as far as I know.
  3. Thanks. Not the answer I wanted to hear, LOL. But THANKS!
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    IB Charts are archaic, however:

    Option #1,

    IB-TWS has integrated included free which supports global cursor (track time)

    This will address charting concerns.
    Order entry (DOM or Chart trading), a monthly fee applies.

    Option #2,

    Medved Trader [quotetracker replacement] still in Beta, but a low cost alternative:

    To request a Beta: (free until production release)

    Option #3,

    Not IB-TWS solution, however low cost solution for Equity Charting [with global cursor]

    Free Bats data (delayed), reasonable subscription rate for real time exchange equity data

    Free EOD "Daily+" Futures - [Futures exchange data a bit pricey]
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