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  1. Looking for a new direct access broker. Has anyone used QL PRO on Global Access ?

    I tried Demo and it looks good. But have never used Direct Access.

    Any feedback appreciated!!!!!!
  2. Hi michael

    I used global about 18 months ago.(Back then they were known as shamrockonline, and then changed there name to sharptrade) They have excellent tech support and
    knowledgeable brokers. But, there commissions structure isnt as competitive now. If your just starting out try MB Trader. They have a special deal where they only charge 5 dollars for 100-300 share trade. Cybercorp has a introductory special also, 10 bucks a trade.

    good luck

  3. mjt


    I also used them a while back. The software is good, but the charting is just awful. Compared to Real Tick, Tradecast and CyberTrader, they are way behind. There is just so little customization you can do.

    One thing I like about the software now is the 'AUTO' route. This is their 'best execution' feature that determines the best route for execution. Unlike ARCA or REDI, it will attempt to SOES a market maker instead of preferencing them. This usually will get you a much quicker fill.

    If commissions are an issue, there are a few firms that offer the same software but much more competitive commissions. Successtrade at $8/trade is the cheapest, F1Trading is $.02/shr with $8 min, and Executedirect is $10/trade. You many want to look at the reviews for these brokers on this site.
  4. FrankZ


    Global Access now has a new commission discount schedule with trades as low as $9.95. They also have an introductory offer for new accounts that includes free Level II and $3.00 trades up to 300 shares for the first month.
  5. Dustin


    Anyone a current or recent customer of Global Access? Would like to hear more comments about executions and the software in general.

  6. limbo


    Dustin enjoyed seeing your set up and view- I noticed you use cybertrader-so do I--are you pretty content with them?-I think in a prior post you felt cyberexchange ecn worked well for you-could you elaborate and explain how it works best for you-under what conditions etc? Also on stops or trail stops do you use cybersxchange ecn there too? One last question if you don't mind--reguarding Qcharts-could you talk a bit about the charts you like and rely on most and whatever else about Qcharts that works. Much thanks-and thanks for all the past info.
  7. Dustin


    **are you pretty content with them?**
    Yeah, I am very happy with CyberTrader overall. I am looking into other firms just to see if I can lower my commissions. I really like CyberXchange ECN and wish other firms had the same thing. (There are similar tools with other brokers, but nothing I have found that works exactly the same)

    **could you elaborate and explain how it works best for you**
    My trading is geared towards scalping, and CyberXchange ECN allows me to just buy/sell/short at any time, at any price (inside and outside the current market), totally bypassing the market makers. I also like the ability of including whatever ECN's I want. For example, I have taken ARCA out of my CyberXchange ECN tool because I have so many problems with it getting stuck, or targeting bad quotes etc.

    **under what conditions etc**
    My best performance is on an average day, where the futures just bounce around. I do poorly on days where there is extreme volatility, volume, or direction. Luckily the majority of days are just boring (perfect) days.

    **regarding Qcharts-could you talk a bit about the charts you like and rely on most and whatever else about Qcharts that works.**
    I have Qcharts for access to the Time & Sales of the Naz and S&P futures. Cyber doesn't provide that. I also like the ability to draw good quality extending trendlines on the charts, and having access to Qcharts Directional Movement indicator.

    If you want any further info please email me.
  8. mjt



    As far as I know, the software that Global Access uses has what they call 'auto route' that searches for the best price, and I don't think there is any way to exclude market makers. I could be wrong, but I think that's the deal.

    I have used the software that they use (through a different company.) I will say this, the charting is pretty pathetic. There is just so little customization you can do. I saw your Cyber setup on another thread; I don't think you'd be able to duplicate your chart setup on their software.

    If you are interested in that software, there are a few other brokers that offer better commission structures. F1 Trading is $12 ($9 for 250 trades/mo) and SuccessTrade is $8/trade (although I think they're pretty small time, plus check out the review on this site.)

    There's another company,, that offers the same software. They start at $14/trade. I'm in the process of opening an account with them because they have the NQDS feed from Nasdaq. Of all the brokers I've looked at, only Exptrader and Blackwood mention on their websites that they have this. Supposedly you get the quotes faster, especially when the market is moving faster, like during the open. (May not make a difference to you if you're just trading when the market is dull.) I should start trading with them Thursday or Friday, so I'll try to update then what kind of delay is involved with other brokers. (I'll run it side by side with my other trading software.)
  9. mjt


    They sent me an email today. Apparently their commissions are now only $10, and free software/data with 15 trades/mo. Ideal if you're a swing trader and looking for direct access.
  10. pineym


    I have used Global Access for two years and have been very satisfied with their customer service and executions. Their tech support is execellent. When you call the firm they answer the phone in less than two rings. Their software lacks the eye catching graphics, but the executions are the fastest around. Their commissions maybe high, but if you are a successful and active trader Global Access will develope a commission schedule and trading platform to meet your style of trading. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who wants fast executions and excellent technical support. These guys are the best.

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