Glitches in online trading platforms?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dolbo, Aug 26, 2012.

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    Hi to all of you elite traders!

    I recently opened an account with optionshouse and all I did so far was I bought some AAPL stock worth of about 26K.

    I logged in my account today and to my shock it is saying that I lost 13K since Friday!!! OMG, the Black Swan stole all my money!

    I then looked closer, and in the positions window there is a Trade Price column (which wasn't enabled by default) that is showing a trade price of $991.32!! What the hell is this? Thanks God, the account activity and the order history are both showing correct info. But I mean, what if you have a bunch of positions and it is a smaller less obvious glitch. How am I supposed to keep track of that? I just realized one important thing. When I kept my money at my savings account I felt it was real money, my hard earned cash. It wasn't growing but I knew it was there. But apparently when you open a trading account online it sort of becomes just a NUMBER. It keeps going up and down and if there is a less noticeable software glitch you might have a hard time noticing it. Wow, that is scary. How common are these types of glitches?
  2. Exactly when did you buy the stock? If you bought it pre-market there is a chance you bought it at that price... LoL!

    But anyway, yea the OptionsHouse account totals are a bit glitchy in my experience... Don't worry about it. They always eventually fix themselves and go back to the proper number after a few days or so.
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    No, no pre market. Like i said, all confirmations etc look correct. Looks like a flattening glitch. I placed three separate equal size orders, all filled correct etc. And all the totals like the total basis look correct but the number of shares owned is one third less than it should be. So if you divide the total basis by the fewer number of shares you get this astronomic price

    Well i am sure they will correct this. But what if it is aless obvious and less noticeable error? Or what if a market order is placed instead of a limit order because of a bug or whatever. Will i be able to prove that? Scary....
  4. I purchased 750 September Put contracts on BAC Friday, and when I just logged into my account... NO POSITIONS. I'm in a serious panic!

    The activity window shows the purchases were made, and my daily change on them were listed as +$583 after trading friday, but now... nothing.

    I'm really hoping this is back to normal next time I log in!!!!!
  5. Very simple: You get what you pay for.

  6. I have never found a broker that stayed completely stable all the time...

    I have enough damn accounts too... TD Ameritrade, OptionsHouse, ThinkOrSwim(Before Merger), Infinity Futures, and Oanda.

    When the market really picks up speed during market corrections TD Ameritrade is horrible... OptionsHouse still works fine through the mobile interface.

    If we go back into 2008 style conditions the only places that can hold their sh*t through the thick of it all will most likely be Oanda and Infinity Futures...
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    Yes, high quality AAPL stock at $1K per share.
  8. If it's a more expensive share than it's got to be better than a cheaper share right? :D :D :D