Glenn Neely and Neowave

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    Any one use his Elliott wave method? Thank you
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    Excellent. Thank you.
  3. nothing special. Advertises (maybe more heavily in the past), but appears no more useful than its flawed underlying (EW) foundation.
  4. You are welcome.
  5. a great comment I read by someone replying to a similar question -
    "It makes my head hurt" - found the original - - -
    "I looked at this a while back and came to three conclusions:
    It is sufficently complex that you can make consistent mistakes and never know it.
    You can never figure out if you are doing it wrong or if the system itself is flawed.
    It makes my head hurt.
    'Forums > Trading Discussion > Neowave and Glenn Neely': post # 11:

    as dandxg points out, Yelnick is The ? source for the more prominent EWers and -
    months ago now - he reported that Neely was shorting the ES - for the fifth time
    Neely also dropped his 'Mastering Elliott Wave' system because it was too time
    consuming and created the 'Neely River Theory'
    scroll down to read 'Neely has a new RIVER SYSTEM????????' by Neely 12/05/06
    not sure if the river's now run dry
  6. Doesn't sound like it passes the smell test. Constantly changing systems.
  7. according to Tom Joseph - Advanced GET -
    "About 65% of EW analysis is made up of complex rules which can be dissected in
    numerous ways.
    . . . I was finally able to build a simple model using the other 35% of EW analysis
    that is very clear. Further research showed that the 35% of the rules that Are clear
    contributed to almost 80% of the profits that can be achieved by using EW analysis.
    . . . I am also 70% sure [!!!] that once you study the examples in this manual you
    will be able to count EWs in any market without anyone's help with a high degree
    of accuracy."
    p 3: 'Practical Applications of a Mehanical Trading System' - attached
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    if you are into ewave check out MTPredictor.
  9. anybody still interested in Neely River here?
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