glenn beck

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  1. the blanco loco.
  2. Hydrocephalic. Dumbest human extant. Makes GWB look like Niels Bohr and Marie Curie's love child.
  3. maxpi


    Still way better than anything on Air America.
  4. Beck is entertaining and not afraid to take unpopular or unPC positions. It's typical of the moonbat left to respond to anyone who disagrees with them by yelling insults rather than debating. Their idea of debate is shouting down a speaker or getting someone fired.

    Beck is not insulting or bullying like O'Reilly and unlike Hannity allows those who disagree to state their case. He's also pretty funny at times and doesn't take himself nearly as seriously as the other talk show hosts.
  5. he's just another alcoholic mouthing off.