Glenn Beck off fox soon

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  1. Could it be that he is losing ratings fast? Not sure, just speculating..
    or maybe fox is tired of not having any real ads in that time slot? Again, not sure.

    Glenn Beck ending Fox News program

    Glenn Beck announced plans to “transition off” Fox News. In a joint statement, the network and Glenn Beck’s production company announced they will work together to “develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the FOX News Channel (FNC) as well as content for other platforms.” In the meantime, Beck will “transition off his daily program.” “Glenn Beck is a powerful communicator, a creative entrepreneur and a true success by anybody’s standards,” said Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News. “I look forward to continuing to work with him.”

    “I truly believe that America owes a lot to Roger Ailes and Fox News,” Beck said in a statement. “I cannot repay Roger for the lessons I’ve learned and will continue to learn from him and I look forward to starting this new phase of our partnership.”

    Which sounds all very congenial. But was Beck actually canceled by Fox News for his plummeting ratings that have dropped more than 40 percent in the cable news demo this year and advertisers boycotting the show? I’m just asking questions…

    Glenn Beck will no longer have a daily program on Fox News.

    According to a joint release from Fox News and Beck's production company, Mercury Radio Arts, "Glenn intends to transition off of his daily program" this year.

    The release, posted to Beck's website The Blaze, said the afternoon host will not be leaving the network entirely. It said that Fox and Beck's production company plan to "produce a variety of television projects" that will air both on Fox News Channel and other platforms, including Fox News' digital properties.
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    Kind of the same thing, aren't they?
  3. translation. glen beck is too crazy even for fox news.
  4. i think the lack of ads is more from fear that the company will be boycotted or something, which is completely insane.

    maybe he's just running out of content, you can only do so many shows about george soros and the seiu, etc..
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    There have been some disagreements between Fox and Beck and the advertiser boycott hasn't helped. Beck has been wanting to start his own cable network, too. So, at the end of his contract that looks like what will happen.
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    the problem with Beck's show is that you have to participate... and you have to be in the right mindset....

    The information is so frustrating depressing.... even when it is accurate... you almost have to be in a very analytical mood or drinking a beer to watch it.

    And I am a pretty stoic person. I can't imagine what it does to most people. It must drive some people nuts.

    Just thinking about a spooky guy who escapes totalitarians to make so much money that he can now fund totalitarian groups again with b.s. names like open society... is enough to make you change the channel.