Glenn Beck Mental Illness Rages On: " "Obama Better For Country Than McCain"

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  1. So your saying a person who disagrees with the actions of both Republicans and Democrats is delusional?

    You might want to think twice about that.
  2. I'm saying he was cheerleading for McCain all through the campaign, and after literally comparing Obama to Stalin & Pol Pot, it's pretty incredulous for Beck to now say he prefers having Obama as POTUS vs McCain.

    I'm saying he's either mentally ill or unfathomably disingenuous.
  3. Beck has formed this opinion based on the opposition that has formed against Obama. In Becks view if McCain would have been elected then the ability to fight against big government would have been more difficult because of McCain's connection to the Republican party.

    You can either decide that he is looking for ratings or that he has developed new ideas about the Macro scale of politics based on the current conditions of the country. Maybe he thinks the tea parties and opposition to government would not have been possible if McCain was president? Maybe he thinks the American people would not be so strongly opposed to big government if it was slowly enacted instead of massively enacted as we see with Obama. He can go with McCain and an executive branch advocating pretty big government with a small amount of opposition or he can go with Obama's executive branch advocating massive government with a massive amount of opposition.

    You do know this is the politics section?
  4. Yes, that was his point.
  5. I've thought all along that Obama was the best thing to happen for the conservatives, or any party right of center.

    His actions have done more to rally and get people involved, who otherwise would not have been involved, than any republican or conservative elect would have done.
  6. Arnie


    True. But consider this. If the republicans take back the house or senate, he may just end up in better posiiton. Right now the republicans are on the outside...Obama doesn't need a single republican vote, although he surely wants some. If the republicans do well in the mid terms, the two sides will actually have to compromise to get anything done.
  7. A Beck apologist and enuff...

    If Beck is mentally ill, and neokkklown speaks for and interprets Beck as if he knows...

    Then the old adage of "it takes one to know one" certainly in play.

  8. I agree. The republicans winning big in 2010 is Obama's best chance at a second term.
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