Glenn Beck, Fox News Buffoon...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Apr 13, 2009.

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  2. ( Gotta luv the update at the end of this. What a crass act Beck is... )

    A guest on Glenn Beck's Fox News show passed out as the opening segment was coming to an end.

    Beck and his guest, David Buckner, professor of organizational leadership at Columbia University program, were standing at a monitor talking about what is leading American companies to bankruptcy. Around 5:11pm, as they were getting to the final point, Buckner whispered to Beck, "I'm passing out."

    Beck asked Buckner if he wanted to "sit down." As Beck took his hand, Buckner fell to the ground. The director then cut to a camera shot which showed Buckner on the studio floor, before going to break.

    When he came back from the commercial, Beck, who called Buckner "a good friend," said the professor "was ill, apparently, this morning and just got a little lightheaded, but he is fine and we have medical professionals on the way to the set, and he is up and alert and fine."

    "It's a wild day here," said Beck.

    Buckner was a guest on last Thursday's Glenn Beck show as well.

    Update: Coming back at 5:30pmET, Beck said, "Everybody thought it was part of the show because this show, you never know what to expect," and, "he apologizes, and I'm like 'are you kidding me, the ratings will be through the roof!'"
  3. I fail to see anything of humour or political about a guy fainting.

    I guess since it's on fox it's somehow amusing, if it were msnbc you would probably be sending flowers and blaming bill oreilly.

    Since Barrys bro is accussed or child molestation you have been pretty quite.

    I guess you got a steaming plate of "shut the f*ck up" with that story.