Glenn Beck... Everyone should watch his show

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  1. When I first heard of him, he was described as a "right wing nut job". So, I decided to watch a bit and see for myself.

    Yes, he's a bit melodramatic at times... but his questions and observations are NOT biased toward the Right. He strikes me as honest and direct.

    Look... either (a) he IS biased, prone to exaggeration and distortion, or (b) he's telling the truth.

    Fox News has a huge research department, so they have stories we might otherwise not hear. And fankly, the more I learn, the more I fear for the future of the USA. :(

    Of course, I don't like Obama. But I didn't like Bush, either. I also don't like Big Government in general, nor their greed and abuse of their power. Beck objectively asks questions and brings issues to light.

    Fox News... week days @ 5:00PM ET.
  2. Only ONE Star rating, eh?

    Just suggesting all should watch with an open mind, then decide. He gets 3 Million viewers daily.
  3. Yes Glenn has welcomed the adminstration to debate with him on his show, the fact that they can't or won't is proof that many of Glenn's assertions indeed bear truth.
    Wake Up America, don't let the Obama nation enslave you
  4. since he is telling you what your ideology needs to hear you dismiss (a).
  5. Pekelo


    Maury gets 4.8, Jerry Springer 3.5 million, what's your point?
  6. My point is that he's not just an upstart crackpot. 3 Million viewers is nothing to sneeze at.

    Maury and Springer are all about sensationalism and mindless couch-potato entertainment. And they've been on the air MUCH longer than Beck has been on Fox... I believe his show started earlier this year.

    Sounds like you want to equate the quality of Maury and Springer to Beck. If so, you are waaayyyy OFF.
  7. A little melodrama with the crying? Big deal. I find some of it a bit annoying myself, but the REAL issues and questions he raises are the meat and potatoes.

    As for the mormon thing... I find it hard to understand the general prejudice against them. Years ago I worked in an office full of them and would have no complaints to make. (It's only a small percentage of them who try to justify polygamy and pedophilia, you know.... not right nor fair to tar all with the same brush.)
  8. mormans are more divorced from reality than even christian for this reason. mormanism is young religion. we can trace its history back to the beginning. we know it was started by a con man. seriously do you believe smith found gold plates written by a god in new york?

    any man,such as mitt rommney, who claims to be educated and intelligent and still believes that tripe needs to have his judgement questioned.

  9. Yes, who can believe that crazy talk that Smith returned the gold plates to the (angel) after he translated. Hmm?
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