glen beck gets messages from god

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  1. you glen beck followers. i mean really, you cant be taking this guy seriously. can you? if you are it says something about you.

    If you didn't think Glenn Beck could get any loopier, he's now claiming that God is giving him a plan to share with mankind. Which is rather amusing given that he is a Mormon and most evangelicals think Mormons are cult followers. Of course, Mormons have long claimed to get revelations from God. So have crazy people.
  2. LOL! Loved how he broke into a commerical about his "Gold" before he enlightened us with "Da Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan"!

  3. i think Da Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan is to make glen beck rich on the backs of the gullible.
  4. glen beck is god :D
  5. Free publicity is still publicity.
  6. I picture Glenn Beck seated on a stool in diapers, bare chested
    with wings, a halo, holding a lyre, baby blues gazing skywards
    for his heaven sent instructions to pass along to the faithful.
    Not uncherub-like.
  7. Illum


  8. =====================
    Free Thinker;
    The Holy Bible is full of messages from God.Perhaps you may want to study it some. I do rather frequently..........................

    Thank you.
  9. i know you spend a lot of time in the bible. it is painfully obvious every time you make a statement.
    let me ask you a question. if i said god told me in a dream last night that he wanted me to ask you for $100000 so i could do gods work would you send it? if not why not. how do distinguish what i claim god told me and what glen beck claims god told him?
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