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  2. Your point being? That GLD tracks GC? The picture looks a little different on a longer time scale.
  3. Please feel free to post a chart as illustration what you see.....

  4. Too much trouble. YOU know what it looks like as well as I do. The current tight channel gold is in in no way either violates the uptrend or presages a channel breakout. Nor is the decline in volume in GLD in any way reflected in the volume of GC. I'm thinking NOTHING is happening in gold. Pity.
  5. Well thanks for your input....I guess.

  6. So what WAS your point? The convergence you drew was a bit of a stretch, looking at GC itself. Are you suggesting anomalous behavior in GLD?
  7. I think what lazy boy Albert was trying to convey in words was this chart. Looks to me like the only conclusion you can draw from this time perspective is no conclusion.
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  8. So the only conclusion you can draw from the chart I posted is no conclusion? Is that right?

    Thanks for your input, and the chart....I guess.

  9. Oh, and not that it matters, but I am long GLD and NEM (got long last week). I do mention my trades in the Chat room.
  10. Well, I am long gold, too. It's hard not to be with a sock drawer full of it. I have 10% of my net worth in it, silly me. But why are YOU long? Isn't pure lust enough? Did you need all those chart squiggles to convince yourself to be long? You ever read "The Golden Constant"? The price of a loaf of bread in gold has been pretty much the same for 3000 years.
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