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  1. anybody try this?

    For those otherwise unfamiliar with these newer Alpha Indexes, a brief review is in order. The idea behind the Alpha Indexes and the accompanying option contracts was to provide a trading vehicle that could be used to isolate the relative performance of a company. Rather than betting on a rise or fall in the marketplace, these index options offer the ability to bet on whether a company is going to outperform or under perform the market. In the case of out performance the index will rise; in the case of underperformance the index will fall.

    Last November NASDAQ OMX (NASDAQ: NDAQ) also launched the:

    NASDAQ OMX Alpha GLD vs. SPY Index (NASDAQ: GVSPY); shows how SPDR Gold Trust has performed compared to the SPDR S&P 500 ETF;
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    Somewhere an exotics trader is crying into a shot glass.
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    Why? If anything, publishing an index helps market the products linked to it. Even if they would create an ETF on it, it would be a good thing for the exotics world.
  4. ...speaking of devils, how bout these....

    FSG Factorshares 2X Gold Bull S&P500 Bear $38.20 +1.79% $7,258 22,850 N/A
    FSU Factorshares 2X S&P500 Bull Usd Bear $22.54 -8.56% $4,474 5,028 N/A
    FOL Factorshares Oil Bull S&P500 Bear $20.91 +5.66% $3,988 9,905 N/A
    FSA Factorshares 2X Tbond Bull S&P500 Bear $34.68 -2.31% $3,442 1,407 N/A
    FSE Factorshares 2X S&P 500 Bull Tbond Bear $14.98 -8.60% $1,625 2,681 N/A