GLD support?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by uptik2000, Sep 15, 2006.

Is GLD at buy or not?

  1. Yes, GLD at support.

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  2. No, the slide continues.

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  1. Is GLD at support or will it continue it's slide?
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  2. I really do not give 2 HOOTS

    as long as the volatility in GLD + SLV and the metals sector

    and the futures etc continues ...

    nimble traders can make $kachingo$

    ( note - I am losing money in some silver coins I bought recently )

  3. Two months later and here's a look at GLD.
    Does TA ''work"? I don't think it's a yes or no answer.

    Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. But I'm sure if you're like me you can't wait until 9:30am est Monday morning. :)
  4. Ok, here's the chart:
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  5. you do not have to wait until 9:30 am EST if you trade futures

    also GLD is executable pre 9:30 am ... although the spreads are tighter once the stock market officially opens

  6. You know what I mean! :)

    It's nice to have vacation time with family and friends. But while most of them dread going ''back to work'' Monday morning, some of us can't wait to get back to what we love.
  7. cml2949


    are you talking about the gold future vs. the gld spread or the slv vs. gld spread?

  8. OK...I sold my 1 lot today. Pretty happy with it. When I retire and I buy that cabin in the moutains I'll think back on this trade
    gold may well run to $1000 but it feels like so many people are talking up their positions lately.

    Bought a few silver coins a while back too..but not much to write about there.

    I should also mention that I bought AAPL over a year ago also in at 58 and sold it at 75 ...duh.