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  1. Anyone else want to throw up listening to these jerkoffs, who are our representatives? These are the same clowns who tossed aside the Glass Steagall so banks could go nuts into whatever they wanted. Most of it covered all the crap that we got into, but no, the geniuses who are Congress knew better. Now we have the Idiot-Moron Dodd Frank, which is a rehash of Glass Steagall. I only see money that bought the Glass Steagall getting tossed to the curb, and then more money to sell the story that big buisness, and banks are evil, so here we are, Dumb ass Dodd, and Fuckhead Frank to save the day. Congress makes me a little more sick everyday. When I watch these knuckleheads with their prepared questions and statements, which they don't even understand, I really get upset at what we have become. We are falling into the government worship trap that has destroyed every great country. The people are great, and the clowns we elect are just that, our employees, and in this case there should be no tolerance for the abuses they commit in the name of reelection at the expense of the supposed people they represent.
    Hard to believe, but I actually did well today while listening to these idiots, but none the less, I have had enough of these morons.
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    The only real question is which will come first; a new Constitution or a new revolution?
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  4. The odds of this happening
    is about the same as winding up in a FEMA camp.
  5. The revolution would be people actually getting out and voting. Wow what a concept! In Wisconsin people came out to vote in the phony recall, but still no where near 100%, but it was considered a success for the amount that came out. I have a very good friend who served in the military, and complains about everything that is being taken away in the job he has currently, which is a public sector job. He served in the military, at which anytime he could have been thrown into active combat, but wasn't, he worked for a private company that went broke and laid him off, but he has no clue that there should be some form of cost controls in his current job in the public sector. We owe him because he is a public employee. Are you kidding? We are pretty good friends, but conversations stop when we go at it about this topic. I have no clue why a public employee deserves a tremendous bonus in pay or in retirement? My wife is well over the $100,000 mark in education and in healthcare, but she has no guarenteed pension, or income. She had to go find a new job due to cost cuts. She did, and without a break in pay, but she didn't wait to get laid off, and cry about it. She made her job a business, and worked for it. Too many people don't get that life isn't a guarenteed job, and you should have to work for it.
    Cripes, I work everyday, and have no insurance unless my wife has it. It would cost me well over $20,000 for family insurance, and to think people think I owe them that, ....bullcrap.
  6. he worked for a private company that went broke and laid him off, but he has no clue that there should be some form of cost controls in his current job in the public sector.

    I read about a story about gym memberships. Everyone was asked to use only one towel. No problem. A membership drive resulted in an increase of state employee's, all the state employees used two towels. Life long conditioning of entitlement.
  7. I hear you Nutmeg. And that is part of what disturbs me most. My friend knows better and will state it, but at the same time will defend his postion at the expense of us. He will be intolerate of federal employees with the same options he has, but doesn't see it for himself, or refuses to. Very frustrating, and he is a good person, not an idiot, but he just refuses to accept that entitlement applies to everyone not just him. Very frustrating friendship, but he is well informed as opposed to most that simply say, "well, Oh yea, my union says so", he is at least beyond that nonsense.