GL Trade only game in town on Cash Eq + Derivs?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 2cents, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    am investigating front-ends OMS/POMS i cld plug more than one broker/FCM into (so as to split my orders, whatever the reason). Looked at X-Trader and Pats Systems which are great for futures & FX etc but looking for sthg more broad-based covering cash equities all mkts (incl Asian) as well as equity & index options & futures etc...

    Is GLTrade the only game in town for this??

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  4. thks Mav, great product CQG, thats what i have been hearing a while back and just took a look again thanks to your reminder. however doesn't seem its made to integrate order flow sent via / nor positions held at, 2 FCMs for instance - but i haven't asked their techies yet...

    idea is, i have some quant trader who wld like to run his fund and i'm sorting out the best infrastructure for him... cause i'm such a nice guy... ... guy wants to do japanese equities via broker X who's got great rates and other perks, but also want to do Jpn CFDs by broker Y who's great on CFDs etc, and perhaps do equities there as well occasionally... but coming from a cosy big IB environment, he can't bear the thought of having to use 2 trading screens, one for each broker he trades thru... he wants his order book and his pozzies integrated real-time on one platform... and low cost... and fries with that i guess :p any ideas let me know...