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  1. Has anyone used GL TRADE/GL WIN? What are your expereinces? What brokers provide access to GL WIN? I understand it can be used to trade boith futures and equities globally.

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  3. Who cares if its French?

    I saw the Vtrader link, but I am not sure if they can handle equities. I am waiting for a response from them.

    Any personal experiences with the platform? Any names of other brokers who provide the software?


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    My guess is that only euronext member firms will use GL Trade for both.

    See ( caution ! chaotic website ... )
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    Refco Asia (SG) offers GL Trade ("Refco Net") for these markets:

    * Singapore – SGX-DT
    * Hong Kong – HKFE
    * Japan – OSE
    * Japan – TSE
    * Japan – TOCOM
    * Japan – TIFFE
    * Korea – KSE
    * Australia – SFE
    * Germany – EUREX
    * London – LIFFE
    * Paris – MATIF
    * US – CME (Globex)
    * US – CBOT (eCBOT)
  7. Thanks Xenia.

    Wow that's a wide range...good stuff.

    Do you have a contact there Xenia.


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    Contact: See
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