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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Sucker, Dec 18, 2002.

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    Good point harrytrader. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    Also there's big difference between approaching trading from its potential reward and risk.

    It finally came to my mind that actually successful traders are trading risk and not reward, as summarized in lescor's signature:

    An amateur thinks about how much he can make.
    A professional thinks about how much he can lose.

    I acknowledge that I have been approaching many of my trades from the potential reward. The problem is that reward is just potential while risk is real. That was the way I was trading while trading with my client's money. And it was all fine.

    Best regards.
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  2. not ONE decent trade in 2 years man you suck big time. what is with you guys that you just can't seem to catch on? :D
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  3. Sucker


    Did you read the previous two posts?
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  4. yes i did... and the very first post too .. still think you suck big time. sorry but that seems to be the case. you agree with me don't you?
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  5. Sucker


    Who knows where you will be in a few years? Boasters are the BIGGEST suckers.
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  6. i'm not boasting, i am stating FACT. we ALL were beginners at some point , and WE OVERCAME. we did what it took to become WINNERS. what was that you might ask..

    well first off we didn't come crying and whining "boo hoo hoo."

    we looked down deep, found a "set" of big ones, did our homework, did whatever it took, and OVERCAME!

    if we can do it why not you?:confused:
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  7. and furthermore, if you're not willing to put forth an extraordinary effort and time, then stay away sonny boy.

    you will never ever never stand a chance.:(
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    If, as you claim, you're stating "fact", LongShot, perhaps you'd care to provide the details of whatever strategy you're following along with details of your results. Or do you just claim to be a "winner" like just about everybody else on this board?

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  9. i would love too! i make no claims i can't back up in spades!!
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  10. Sucker


    Sorry pal. I took you for one those boasters around.

    Why not me? Lack of money and luck, perhaps. But the whole life is a trade-off. It's my path. My only chance. I have to take it.

    I will change this sucker nickname and stop crying shortly.
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