Giving up

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  2. I try again:

    Hi fibotrader,

    With a good system (with good MM) you can make money.
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  3. Thanks Baruch, I am good at managing my loss but how about making some money!!!


    Checked out Wealth Lab. I have never seen anything like it. All the $$$ on seminars, courses, books, live services and nobody taught me anything about backtesting? All the penants and flags and double tops and double bottoms ain't doing me any good.

    I am here to learn and will sign up for the 30-day demo. If I get myself going within 30 days, I will use part of the 80% left of my portfolio and buy a license. $650 is just 13 ES points, and if I keep continuing at the rate I was going, I may lose more than that.

    Thanks mate.
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  4. Making money? Just follow a good system, and you will make money. But it's a good idea trading a demo - with a good system -- when you have doubled your money, you are ready to trade realtime (but small).
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  5. The best edge: CONFIDENCE.
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  6. The negative edge: OVER CONFIDENCE :D



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  7. Osman


    2nd best edge: DISCIPLINE
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  8. Sometimes giving up is a necessary edge.

    Michael B.
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