Giving up

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  1. i might make a couple of slight alterations to the basic message, but overall, that was an excellent post.
    it's quite doubtful that very many people will have the emotional maturity required to fully digest the far-reaching implications, but kudos to you for pointing it out..
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  2. Just quit... well... it's all up to you...

    I probably lost more and faster than you when I first started. I'm sure I had a bigger psychological impact because of the shorter time it took for me wipe out but I continued and doing good!!!

    It's all up to you. If you're going to stay, think about what you have sacrificed towards trading then look how much you are willing to sacrifice more, because you're not doing enough of sacrificing.
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  3. Its called learning to deal with objective reality.
    A very small percentage of people are capable of doing this
    even most of the time.
    They prefer to live in thei fantasy worlds.
    It makes them feel better.

    Screw that :D



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  4. ElCubano


    So telling yourself you are a "loser" is not lying to yourself????. I for one think what you have said is total rubbish , I cant even believe a smart fucker like Daniel_M agreed with you. Nothing gets me thru a tight situation or puts me on my toes like a statement " I CAN DO THIS"...wether in the end It was a lie or I couldnt accomplish what I set forth to do, is not the point. I can only imagine the mountaineers on the north face of Everest telling themselves " I AM A LOSER, I CANT DO THIS " ..hahahahahahaha...thats really going to help them........When in a real tight situation positive thinking may be the only thing to get you thru...just ask any prisoner of war ( i havent so this is just an assumption )
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  5. amen to that, i'm tired of this bozo's stupid posts
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  6. El,

    Admitting your a "loser", because you are currently "losing"
    in the SHORT TERM, and labeling yourself a "loser" outright
    are two very different things.

    "Im a loser (right now)", and "I can do this" are not mutually
    exclusive statements.

    How many of us started out as trading losers?
    I bet all of us.

    Failure is a big part of eventual success, and objectively
    admitting to yourself that your are NOT doing well right
    now, INSTEAD of pulling the wool over your own eyes
    and thinking everything is fine, is a GOOD thing.

    I think thats all they are saying.

    Admit that right now you suck. So you can start *dealing*
    with the problem. Its like AA. Hi, my name is axeman,
    and I cant trade for shit.... :D

    That is the first step to becoming a good trader. :D



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  7. Lmaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooo! Had to edit my post
    and ruin your joke :D



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  8. ElCubano


    true, but what made them continue ( forge ahead ) and turn from being a loser to a winner...certainly not a negative attitude. This in no way means that because you have a positive attitude you will make it.....Everyone thinks differently so I will respect your opinion, but i for one would rather think positively than negatively which was what LongShot was refering to...peace
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  9. Longshot had a LOT of smileys at the end of
    every "im a loser line". I think he is just
    spicing it up a bit to make a point.

    You can admit that you suck at trading and
    still have a positive attitude. Again... not mutually

    I went through this several times.

    But not admitting I suck, would be a dead end.
    Why improve if im fooling myself into thinking
    that I dont suck?

    I agree with you that having a positive attitude
    is important. But at the same time, you must admit
    that your sucking if in fact you are. You have to expect
    many many many failures at this game before you "get it".

    Some never will. Very tough determining when to
    throw in the towel.



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  10. OPC


    To me it seems that winning or not is a function of the desire the trader has to succeed. If the desire is strong enough to make him persevere, in spite of the obstacles along the path, just like in any endevour, he will eventually succeed. His choice will more than likely be related to other factors other than trading, such as vocation or personal objectives.
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