Giving the Chinese a stealth B-2 Bomber is tiny news, with Huge Meaning Behind it.

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    Again forgive me for now knowing where to put this. Like many of you I heard about deficits and bad situation US is in.

    But until I heard the US is giving away stealth bombers in exchange for debt relief it didn't sink in just how bad things are.
    According to the deal, the United States would sell the plans for the B-2, along with radar-absorbing paints and metals in exchange for $50 billion in debt relief.
  2. post your source.
    I'm an Xspurt and Osama didn't tell me.
  3. They should just jack up the price of gold to 1 million $ a coin and pay of 50% of the national debt with a box of Kruggerrands.

    Nobody get's hurt with high goldprices.

    It's the perfect plan.
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    that would collapse the paper currency within days, hoarding of gold would collapse the currency in a jiffy.
  6. Hahaha, isn't this the same guy that supposedly obtained the banks' stress test results and "leaked" them? Nice credible source that...
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    i can help you out: file it under gullible imbecile.

    btw, i am comrade Obama's biggest critic. even he wouldn't sell stealth technology for a lousy 50b. Pelosi spends that much on drapes (union made, of course).
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    Ever since JFK was shoot and World Trade Center 7 imploded without having been hit by planes.

    I can believe almost anything. :)
  9. Excellent idea! A real one-up on Clinton who just gave away the ICBM and spy satellite technology and World Trade membership to China in return for his election funding.

    Osama's a real capitalist and knows how to turn a buck. Not many Muslims are as cute.

    A friend worked as part of a secret team inventing and developing the technology that Clinton gave away. All those secret launches and for what? The Chinese came on site and were given access to everything.

    I have to say as a non American, it's all very generous of you.

    Osama gave the personal form of Muslim Arabic greeting only permitted to be used between Muslims when in Egypt, and quoted the "holy Koran" several times citing passages that mean Jihad to Muslims.

    Bye, bye USA.
  10. Yes, it´s the same guy...
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