Giving money away makes me happy and study done shows I ain't alone

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    People happier spending cash on others, study finds

    Money can buy you happiness – as long as you're spending it on someone else.

    In the third experiment, researchers gave subjects a $5 and $20 bill, with instructions to spend the money either on themselves or others.

    Again, researchers found people assigned to spend the money on others reported greater happiness.
  2. I wonder if losing money on others triggers the same happiness.
  3. cold


    you make a good point, there is actually a difference,

    buying someone something nice is a gift

    but losing money on someone means you invested in that person for your gain

    Big Difference
  4. I know it makes me happier when you give other people money.:D
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    :D :D :D you dirty old trader
  6. I don't know anyone who is happier buying a BMW for their neighbor when they are driving a beat up K car.
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    how old are you 12 ??

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    the good thing about bathroom is that there is water there,

    hell you could stay there for 7 days if you had to :)

    you know how I got started in this biz
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  8. Ahh......LOL I forgot what I was going to say.:D
  9. The happiness comes from the recipent aware you are giving them money.

    If you give money and nobody but you knows it I would guess the study would shows less happiness
  10. zdreg


    there is the pleasure of giving anonymous gifts of all sizes.
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