Giving Brandon Some Respect..

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  1. I shorted size into INTC eod yesterday going into the close.. I covered today for a decent profit.

    I was gonna play it regardless of him mentioning it.. but it was a good trade.. and worked out well.. Brandon's reasoning was similar to mine... and since he was also very negative on the stock.. just gave me more balls to do size.. lol

    I dont want to come off as an asshole and constatly belittle him.. so I am gonna give him some credit here.

    Now if he can only work on getting us audited results.. and I would actually recommend him to others.

  2. Idem ditto here !
  3. was short a lot of SOX calls... was pleasantly surprised that we sold off! Of course expiry isn't over yet for us morons who hold overnight... :eek:

    further I bought some EBAY near LOD, and VOILA it hasn't moved a muscle since...

    ... so I think I'm going to start a trading chat room... since I obviously move markets!

  4. Brandon, I bow down before you.
  5. trust your car to the man who wears the STAR!
  6. I agree!!

    I loved the chart audio updates ... very cool :)
  7. If you really wanna show him some gratitude. Call up a local escort service and treat this weekend.
  8. virgin


    I would do that BUT I don't know Brandon's taste :D

    Someone knows ?
  9. Hint: Send him to San Francisco!! :D :D
  10. BSAM


    I heard he likes virgins!!!!!!:D
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