Giving away trading books.

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  1. I am giving away trading books that I've read which are gathering dust. I will ship them all out to the first person who sends me a PM with their address.

    All books are in excellent condition.

    Winning the Day Trading Game by Thomas L. Busby
    High Probability Trading by Marcel Link

    The Day Trader's Survival Guide by Christopher Farrell

    Beating the Street by Peter Lynch (condensed version)

    The Daytraders by Gregory J. Millman
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    TraderZones, do your job please. :p
  3. you mean, it is bad if someone gives away books, and actually uses the correct category (classifieds) for running such an ad?

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    I thought you would do better than that. Like he's a scammer who wants your address etc. Your detective skills are lacking my friend.

    P.S. I'm just yanking your chain. Carry on.
  5. true, but happily, you were on the case, Sherlock...
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