Giving away trading books

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  1. I don't need these books anymore since they've already been read and I don't trade much. They are free and I will ship them all out to the first person who sends me a PM with their address.

    Here is the list:

    All books are in excellent condition.

    Winning the Day Trading Game by Thomas L. Busby

    High Probability Trading by Marcel Link

    The Day Trader's Survival Guide by Christopher Farrell

    Beating the Street by Peter Lynch (condensed version)

    The Daytraders by Gregory J. Millman
  2. Why not list them on Amazon as used? You look up the book, and "sell one like this." You would probably get some bucks for them...
  3. not everyone is as desperate for money as you

    you angry old man
  4. r they still available?:D
  5. No, someone has already PM'ed me so they are already taken.