Give us Ghaddafi to run Europe, Please.

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  1. Dear Lybians,

    If you give us Ghaddafi to run Europe, we'd be happy to give you a special offer:

    Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkel, Berlusconi and Trichet, all for free!! (you have to make sure that they stay in Lybia and never leave)

    Not a joke, ask any European. Send me an e-mail if interested in the exchange.
  2. europian Al-Qaeda
    no thank you
  3. Climber


    I'm European and i agree 100%, and you can have most journalist because the propaganda is worse than by the nazis
  4. You are a muzzie lover and a formal complaint has been made.
  5. Corrected that for you, no need to thank me. :cool:
  6. So you agree that EU and USA are worse than USSR? :)
    So USSR was blamed wrongly. It did nothing different... But without bla-bla about human rights and "democracy" stuff.
    Wait a minute..there is some difference... USSR didn't make business on wars.
  7. I'm not sure if this is a serious comment or not - because anybody with two eyeballs clearly sees Communist, and its various forms, to be the most murderous regime to have ever existed on this planet, scoring over 100+ million dead.
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    the last thing europe needs is yet another damn foreigner in our lands. i mean its bad enough having to share a continent with the french as it is
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    quote from drillmega:

    Wowwouch!!! I share your disdain for Communism ... but where did they scratch 100+ mill ??? That's a lot of bods!!
  10. That's a BS number you cant blame everything on communism just because there was a large earthquake, civil war, drought and famine(ex 1940's,50's,60's China) that killed tens of millions when communism was the prevalent regime.
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