Give the Afghan shooting soldier another chance

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  1. Occasionally, our heroes have lapses of judgement, due to the stress of the job.

    I do not believe that we should punish the soldier in question. Instead, we should treat him for the psychological trauma that he has endured as a result of the killing spree and psychologists should get to the bottom of his actions.

    Once he has been treated, the soldier should be redeployed to another enemy nation, such as Iran, when we finally get to declare war upon those terrorists. The soldiers' punishment will that he will no longer be allowed to kill Afghan Taliban. But we should allow him to use his experiences on the Iranian terrorists.

    A thorough investigation should be conducted to see how many of those killed were innocent and how many had terrorist links.

    Those who were innocent should have their families given compensation to the value of 1 month of an average Afghan salary. Any of the dead with proven links to terror should have assets removed from the families of the dead, and this should be used to finance the above compensation. Compensation will hopefully be financed by Afghans and will not be a drain on the US economy.

    In these difficult days of international terror, we need to support our military and not condemn them.

    The liberals want our soldier executed. I say we give him psychological treatment. By executing our soldier, we degrade ourselves to the level of our Islamic enemy.

    God bless the USA and Israel, in the difficult days that lie ahead.

    Iran is next.
  2. Yes, the liberals who are so quick to find excuses for every violent criminal, terrorist or traitor are in a blood lust to lynch this brave man who served four combat tours.

    Who among us wouldn't be tempted to do the same thing after years of watching your brave brothers in arms be shot in the back by supposed allies, blown up by bombs placed by "civilians" or attacked by terrorists given sanctuary by the evil pakistanis.

    Afghan savages can run wild, killing U. S. soldiers in cowardly attacks and we are supposed to take it silently. Did Karzai ever apologize once? No, he continued to whip up violence with his whining about a few korans that got burned. Get over it already.

    I have had it up to here with these animals. We shouldn't be there, but if we are, we need to close ranks and protect our soldiers instead of finding fault with them over every little incident.
  3. It is their country, no American flag flying over their capital. There wasn't all this bitchin' and moanin' over the Viet Cong was there? Pantywaists.
  4. Wow, I'm not a liberal, but I'm shocked at this. You do realize that some of those shot were children who were sleeping in their bed. Let me ask you this..if someone had come into your home, shot your child in the head and killed him, would 1 months salary be compensation enough for you?

    This soldier that you are calling a hero...his actions are going to get the real soldiers who are heros killed. Because let me tell you, if there was a foreign army and some of their soldiers broke into my home and shot my kid, I would not care who did it..that whole army is now my enemy and I would be taking pot shots at them every chance I got. So basically this 1 stupid fuck is probably going to get dozens of our soldiers, who did nothing wrong, killed.
  5. You're listing a bunch of reasons we shouldn't be there in the first place. That doesn't mean we throw one of our own off the bus just to placate a bunch of animals. It's not like they weren't killing our troops already.

    The whole premise of our strategy, which is basically to win their loyalty by buying them off, is deeply flawed. Just because religion is unimportant to our leaders doesn't mean it is unimportant to afghans or other muslims. They are not going to disobey their religious leaders just because we give their kid a candy bar or build them a new school.

    That's why I have to laugh when I hear one of the non-Paul republican candidates blathering about how they would listen to the military leaders and follow their advice. The military leaders are the idiots who came up with a multi-decade plan to win the hearts and minds of a bunch of cave dwellers from the middle ages. The candidates are always spouting off about the Constitution. Well, it provides for civilian control of the military, not the other way around, and for very good reasons.
  6. Look...if this guy had dropped a bomb and it accidently killed a few women & children, I can understand you wouldnt want to throw him to the animals. At least he has an excuse and the casualties can be blamed on the terrorists who hide behind the women & children. But this guy walked into peoples homes. People that might have actually supported the USA and killed their children.

    Let me ask you it right to walk into someones house in the USA and kill their children if they live in a neighborhood that has a few gangbangers? If you say yes, then how far away is enough to where its not ok? 1 mile? 2 miles? 10 miles?
  7. Eight


    when you are far enough away that you don't see a liquor store on every corner should be a pretty good gauge for that, no?

    Regarding the soldier: hey, a guy like that couldn't be all bad, right? I wouldn't leave him alone with my sleeping children maybe but hey, same goes for my Wolf hybrid dog [half range wolf and half timber wolf]...
  8. No, of course it's not right. No one is saying it is. But they sent this poor schmuck on four combat tours, the last one after he suffered some sort of brain injury. You think that doesn't mess you up? You think years of watching these animals kill your buddies doesn't mess you up?

    All the OP and I are saying is give this guy a proper psych evaluation and don't throw him under the bus to try to appease a bunch of fucking savages.
  9. There are some things you should be given a 2nd chance for. Killing a child while they are sleeping is not one of them. The only chance this guy should get is to explain his side of the story. And if he did it because he "snapped" under the pressure of all means he should be thrown under the fucking bus.

    And for the record...if you kill someones sleeping child, you are the savage, not the people that want your head for that action.
  10. As Stratfor put it many years ago, when 9/11 was still fresh: our only interest in the Taliban was that we had to go through them before we could get OBL.
    Got him, he's dead. Unfortunately for you and that POS Karzai, we don't have any other agenda in Afghanistan. We'll be gone soon, whether you like it or not.
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