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  1. Hello Everyone,

    This post is anonymous, being done through a name I just registered. I am a regular ET user and feel this to be a little embarrassing. The point of all of this is to hopefully find someone that’s willing to give an opportunity. People sometimes will give to charities and sometimes will donate something for various reasons. Those reasons stem from actually being genuinely giving, to make them self’s feel better, to just get a tax write off, or to try and make some sort of difference, etc. No matter what your reason, there’s always an end recipient, and in one way or another, you contributed to someone made a difference in them some way some how. Well, I am seriously asking for someone to make a difference. To give me an opportunity, that otherwise I may not have.

    There is hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people around this world, that need and deserve some sort of helping hand from anyone. I do not disregard nor do I feel above them in anyway. Compared to some of these people’s problems, I am small and insignificant. This is one of the reasons this is embarrassing. I have pride and for me to ask someone for anything compared to other people that may deserve it more, well, it’s almost pathetic.

    However, I picture myself, 10 or 20 years from now, trading successfully, and being very financially stable. Sitting at home on my computer, coming across this post, thinking, what the hell, Ill give him a shot. Out of all of the people in this world that are just handed things, never ever being appreciative for one bit, this may actually make a difference to this person.

    Please understand this a little. I am a full time college student, and did have a full time job. I have a very large family under my parents, not myself, and I help them out as much as possible. I am very determined individual, to that degree, I hold a real estate licenses, I have sold highline cars, been a life consultant, spent years in customers service, and have delivered pizzas. And all of this was before my 21st birthday. I am very young, and hardworking. I exemplify that in my pursuit of anything I do, including school and work. Last year my college GPA was 3.76, pursuing a B.S. in Business Financee. Since the summer of 2004, I have spent my every free hour, studying, applying, practicing, and testing, anything related to trading. Specifically anything related to ES or the FX markets. I am by far lazy or a moderate young adult. But even though it’s obvious I have tried, most of everything has fallen apart.

    My real estate license I had to let expire, because I couldn’t afford the renewal. This year, I had to max out my credit card to pay for school, due to the fact that financial aid wouldn’t give me any funds. I just got my school books 5 weeks into the semester, through an online college loan program. Now my credit card, as well as my bank account, is heavily over drawn. My mother struggles to make ends meet, but evidentially government assistant is out of reach, because she make to much money. I’m getting ready to lose my car, can’t afford it. The last time I bought clothes was back in January of 05. And I have spent the last 5 weeks trying to get a job, somewhere that pays decent, applying everywhere from restaurants to insurance companies, still currently unemployed. So many things, I can’t begin to type all of them. I’m getting ready to start seeing a on campus counselor for depression. I think it is getting out of hand. I’m trying not to make this sound like an over the top cheesy desperate attempt. And I hope it doesn’t come off that way.

    My philosophy has always been, there are no excuses, you want something bad enough, you get it, you just have to want it hard enough. But, how many times do you fall before you decide its time to give up?

    I am sincerely asking, if someone, anyone, is reading this saying to them themselves, “you know what, I bet I could help” or “You know what this kid needs is…”, please,, give me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and the favor will not go unseen. Some may not realize it, but you hold opportunities in your hands, you have the ability to pass that type of judgment on someone like me. To get me job, to help me with college, anything, good advice even, many people can due this without any hardship on themselves. I also understand, if it were me reading this, I might think its scam or just some sort of ploy, if you want some sort of proof, email me at the address below. I will get in touch with you by phone, and will prove to you I am genuine in everything I say. Again, I may not be as deserving as the guy sitting next me, but I can say I believe the thanks and appreciation someone would get, from me, is 10 times that of the guy next to me.

    I hope this is taken in the manner I propose, and not to be misinterpreted the wrong way. And I for see the strong ET posters coming on to give the funny and degrading comments, so I wont be responding, unless the situation calls for it. I can be reached at the email address below. I hope none of this is in violation of any ET rules.


  2. you don't have to prove to me anything
    pm me,
    I will look over your strategy and tell you whats wrong fundamentally
    maybe I'll throw in a proven method on when to know when you shuould be trading and waiting.

    don't think someone would hand over a system to you, but thats about as best I can do :D

    If you want to make a living trading, you must join a good prop firm where someone will teach you scalping strategies,

    or else you need at least 50k capital.

    If you don't have either, you must go back to doing delivery/other labour type jobs.
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    My motto has always been

    "If you want something bad enough you work for it"

    Many years ago I once lost 93k in the market and thought my life was over. But as time goes on things eventually get better. Be thankful for the things that you have. Things that money can not replace. Be glad that you have your family. I lost my Dad when I was 22. I would never trade again if I could just talk to him one more time. Remember there is always someone worse off than you. Finish your degree, get a good job and save some money. The market will always be here for you to trade.

  4. A 3.76 GPA and you spell and write sentences like this?

    Maybe you can partner with DrawDown. He has a million dollar bankroll and is always looking for talent to trade his multiple demo accounts.

    Two people as a team trolling for money will eventually trip someone up.
  5. It may be better to post under your original posting name. People may be more willing to help you out in that case.
  6. Opportunity, just what are you asking for here? Please be specific.

  7. my suggestion to have the best shot at it is to find a reputable prop firm that offers u one-to-one mentorship like hold brothers or [swift at the beginnin'] and put down 5k. u'll be taught how to trade small inefficences with high leverage and make a livin' outta it. me thinks in 1yr u'll be able to make decent money already. dont underestimate what am sayin' to u, retail traders have astronomical odds to overcome, especially those under financial strain; u need an office environment and encouragment to make it. go for it and take the opportunity with both hands.
  8. You sound a bit like that JMowery kid. Well, whoever you are, I hope you find what you're looking for.
  9. You've sold real estate, insurance, automobiles, all before your 21st birthday and now you're broke. Would you like to know why you're broke? You're broke because you've never done anything long enough to be successful at it. Quit looking for "fast money". Put trading on a back burner for now. If you're broke, you can't trade, period. It's as simple as that. Finish school, pursue your career, save some money and maybe by the time you're 30 you can do some trading. Can't wait that long? Then prepare for hard times, cause they are a com'in.
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    It would help if you posted your location.
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