Give Mittens a break, he NEVER had a chance

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pekelo, Nov 8, 2012.

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    It was never a close race. Unless being behind by 5% counts as close for you... 30 EC electors is about 5.5%, and that was the closest what Mittens came to Obama after the first debate. For the rest of the time it was even more. Since 2000 you should know one thing or two about the biggest brainfart aka the Electoral College, so you should have known that nationwide popular polls mean shit. It is all about the EC....

    Seriously guys, just because you deluded yourself in the last 6-8 months and believed that a right wing nut Republican can be elected in today's America, that doesn't mean it was reality.

    It not Mittens' fault, it is yours. You believed what both parties and the media have been telling you, that this is a close race. Well, it wasn't. You got your hopes up high for no good reason. By the way HOPE is a four letter word, as any real trader should know...

    So had you listened to real statisticians like Nate Silver, you would have never got a premature orgasm about the Mittens. But no, you don't like science, you like Limbaugh, and now you want to kill yourself because you can't handle the truth.

    Hell, even The Architect, Karl Rove told you back in April that Obama would win, but you didn't listen. So stop blaming the Willard, after all, he was just being what he is, a god in waiting to rule on planet Kolob.

    Hey, if I have to choose, I would rather be god than the president. He gets better healthcare.... :)
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    Wow, did Limbaugh have Romney winning in a landslide like some of those other pundits? (Was it Morris who predicted that?) LOL. I used to listen to him years ago, back when he was funny and they had those funny commercials and songs. I did catch the first half hour after the election, poor guy. He's changed a lot, and not for the better IMO.

    ? Who is ready to off themselves? Most conservatives are finally realizing what I've been saying for years (on this very board for one place), that the USA is firmly entrenched in the ditch that leads to socialism. But I think most already had a vague understanding of that anyway. So now we move on. Move to a new country. Stop producing and get our hands out along with everyone else. Make plans for what happens after this all crashes (and it will). Admittedly some will go crazy, there's always a few folks who aren't wrapped very tightly in every crowd, but the truly productive ones will get by - a hell of a lot better than the genuinely useless parasites will, that's for sure.
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    His post screams "insecurity".

    I recall the left just about shitting themselves after the first debate. I actually developed some hope afterwards. Kinda sucks losing like that after becoming a little hopeful.

    I agree with whomever said that hope is overrated and dangerous.

    Its better to prepare for the worst.
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    Same here, only in the last couple of months. And especially after the first debate did I think there might be any real chance. The earner/producers like us are officially outnumbered my friend. Game, set and match.
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    Tsing Tao

    The OP is a fucking troll. Nothing more. Don't feed him.
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  8. Oh so true, but I've been informed that I’m a “pessimist”.
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    Your IQ, or Lil' Peckers?
  10. I keep debating with myself about becoming one of "them", but I'm not sure if it's my pride or stupidity that gets in the way.
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