Give me your sick your maimed, I am helping people in this thread trade.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by good karma, May 29, 2009.

  1. I want to help those who are deemed beyond help.
    I don't want to help traders who are struggling, they are OK, they will see the light eventually.
    I want to help those people who hang out on ET but they gave up long long time ago.

    These people are mere shadows moving around, abused by gurus, abused by self delusion often saying how they are trading for real when it is all a dream.
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    Ok I'll bite, how can you help me.
  4. welcome back, Cold
  5. Go look in the mirror. So far, you have an unblemished record as Aliases for Dummies.
  6. before I help you, you have to admit that you are a complete deluded loser
    that you were raped by life by gurus
    and that you admit you pretended to be profitable on ET
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    ok cold, good karma, i want to help , and your a complete deluded loser, all on the 1st page, I will beleive it when i see it(you wanting to be helpful),maybe u could give your replys a once over before u hit send
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    ok fine I admit also there are plenty of pretenders who are complete losers on ET
  10. sent you PM

    anyone else willing to confess will get my help
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