Give me some closed end funds/ETFs/ETNs or anything else that might beat QQQs

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  1. I recently figured out how to use yahoo finance spreadsheets. I am running tests on anything I can find (rather than individual stock obviously, any fund type investments) against the QQQs, and having a REAL hard time finding anything that can beat them. Give me some tickers so I can compare! I'm doing testing going back to March 1, 2018 so it has to have a history back that far (should not be a problem for the vast majority of things).
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    MTUM....I think beats qqq going further out.
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    If it is unbeatable just buy it!:cool: easy

  4. Thanks iprph90. Don't know about further back, but from 3/1/18 the QQQ murders it. $100 invested in MTUM would have ended up $133.08, with a 34.08% max drawdown, while $100 in QQQ would have ended up with $182.10 with only a max 28.56% drawdown.

  5. That is PRECISELY what I want to see. Is QQQ literally the best of the best of the best as to what is out there, for long term holding at least.
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    If qqq is good then the tripple q's should be almost 3 times as good if you can stomach the drawdowns.
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    Fair enough!

    XLK vs QQQ....only 5 years

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    So, if you put $100 in TQQQ and kept your account 100% invested in it at all times, you would end up with $216.82, versus $182.10 for the QQQ. But while the QQQs max drawdown was 28.56%, it was 69.92% for the TQQQ.

    HOWEVER, to make it apples to apples, if you drop the amount of TQQQ invested from 100% of your account to 39.7% (again, at all times), your $100 grows to the same $182.10 of the QQQs, and your max drawdown was 33.53%.

    SO, not really that bad, as long as you keep the % of your account invested in them somewhat low to avoid those HUGE drawdowns.

    For what its worth, I ran the same thing with SQQQ, the inverse of TQQQ, but shorting it instead. The results actually came out slightly BETTER THAN the QQQ. But that is ignoring the interest you have to pay on the short, as well as the fact that if you are short it might get called out from under you at any time, forcing you to pay taxes.

    To me QQQ still reigns supreme, just buy it over time, never sell, and let the profits roll.

    EDIT: XLK seems to be the new leader per the posts that follow!!!
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  9. The battle is joined!!!

  10. And the battle is won!!!!! Based on my 3/1/2018 start date, if you started with $100, and kept your account 100% invested in QQQ the whole time, you would end up with the $182.10 (same as before).

    However, with XLK, you would only have to keep your account 79.259% invested to end up with that same $182.10. And if you did that your max drawdown would be only 25.11%, versus 28.56% for the QQQ! And, of course, given that you have less invested, the remainder of the account could be invested in something else (or more XLK if you wanted) for even more profits!

    All hail XLK! I'll do the max long term testing on this one, and any others that look like they might beat the QQQs in my 3/1/2018 testing, that anyone can come up with. More people!!!

    Thanks iphrph90!
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