give me simple day trading method that works?

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  1. Hi

    simplicity wins with good risk/money managment. No secret patterns, indicators scalping etc...

    Can you give me a simple day trading that really works?

    Dail break outs?

    M.A. crossover?


  2. cvds16


    have a look at trader Vic's book and read into context.
  3. Askmega


    Futures are like African people

    FX is like asians

    Stocks are like white people

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    we are all human beings, YET WE ARE DIFFERENT IN OUR CULTURE, our views and values

    I hope that helps

    ok you probably won't get it, what I am trying to say is you need a different game for all those suckers
  4. Bob111


    give me a reason,why would i do that? i trade stocks and it's getting harder and harder to enter into a winning trade. why would i share my method? to make the situation even worse?
  5. Because sharing is caring ^^

    No..seriously i do not want your system i just wanted some ideas of methods that do work. Not the usual B*S* secret algorythems etc...but basic, easy methods that work. Thx
  6. BSAM


    How much would you pay someone to help you?
  7. Why not just ask for small unmarked bills in a size 7 shoebox?
  8. olias


    disagree. differences are so tiny that it's really a mistake to assume this
  9. jfranco


    If hes looking for the same setups as you wouldn't that just qualify the trade even more with an extra order to confirm your trade.
  10. simple. just buy every down open. j/k
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