give me odds on Cramer being yanked off CNBC by the end of the year..

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  1. He is seriously losing it..sore throat coked out eyes...He is hurting..and with the housing bubble bursting, which will deflate many other assets classes, including equities, things are going to get ugly..Have you ever seen the 1976 movie "Network"? It is a great movie to watch now..because you will see what is happening for real today in that movie...Soon when the market drops more and housing prices begin to move down..people are going to getg angry and he is going to be a target..if I were him I would move to Switrzerland and get a wig....
  2. People deserve to lose everything if they follow his picks blindly...
  3. 10 to 1. he still gets good ratings.
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    Excellent post....still laughing at the last sentence.

    I have a few friends who arent in trading/business. They trade a few bucks in their online trading accts. One of them told me he watches Cramer's show and trades off his picks. I told him he was better off following that monkey who picks stocks every year against the pros. Cramer is nothing but a used car salesman. Yes he did clean up during the hat goes off to him for that. But...why did he exit the business so quickly when trading got tough???

    If the mkt goes into another downward spiral, his show will be history.
  5. Why he only provide long only trade rec. ? I am just wondering how can he come up with different stocks to buy everyday? I am having trouble finding a stock not to sell this past few weeks. I guess all i can say is more power to him.
  6. God, I hope not, he is still one of the best fades out there! He has lost any rep he had. I was a mkt mkr during his time, and he was a great fade then. All you had to do was sell him 25k, wait for 3 minutes for him to pick everyone else off, watch the soes guys piggy back, and then put offers out on instinet..His wife knew how to trade, he knew how to pick people off, and pay up for 1st call. Trading? he had zero clue, and still doesn't
  7. He has guest appearances on Mad Money quite often. Lots of the guests are CEOs. CEOs of publicly held companies have lots of money and fairly obvious agendas of what they want to do with it. CEOs compensate Jim and CNBC in exchange for them allowing these Companies significant airtime to talk up their stock (ever noticed they only come on after a big hit, before some new offering, or to raise awareness of a cause they probably have some kind of vested interest in?)

    Do you think the CEO of a large (or mid-sized) company wants a significant amount of people to go and short their stocks? No. Why not? It drives the price of the stock lower, the same stock that the company itself owns a large portion of. (float) CEOs want Jim Cramer to be an Über Bull. This works out really well for him, because he already is one. Hence, Jim does not recommend anyone short stocks...

    ...However, during the Lightning Round Jim tells callers one of three things about stocks that he doesn't like; Sell, Avoid, or Buy [blank] instead. If you take his recommendation and Sell a position you already hold, that would be considered liquidating a bullish position. You would have a bullish stance, because you're exiting (and conversely avoiding) a bearish move. However, if you decided to Short the position he recommended Selling, you would in a way still be following his advice, but you would be taking a Bearish approach instead. Buy [blank], or Avoid plays would not apply...

    That being said, I ONLY watch Mad Money because I'm usually working on EOD accounting, chart or news reading, or journaling when the show is on. I do NOT follow ANY of his picks.
  8. 24% annual return after fees for 12 years. Yeah, the guy's a real moron.
  9. ok here is what is making me nervous..tonight he was recommending allsate (ALL) to buy, because they were cancellling hurricane insurance policies for people at hey allstate is going to screw over the dumb middle class so hey I am JC and I sold my soul to greed, so hey buy the stock to support screwing middle america...wall street
  10. The only way they'll cancel him is if he has a total breakdown or is prosecuted for something. He has the only show on the whole network that people watch. Who would they replace him with? Let's not forget, this is the net that was so desperate they gave John McEnroe a show. And some guy named Donny Deutch still takes up air time that could better used showing used car commercials.
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