GIVE me my volatility you beast of the market

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by naked1, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. naked1


    made only 5 k today
    this is frustrating, come on people do your irrational buying and selling, create some volatility
    papa needs a new Mercedes to impress a gold digger that thinks she can screw me
    but I will screw her
    as a serious side note, all you noobs need to focus on a single question
    Why is volatility good
    do not question if it is good
    only go and figure out why
    now lets see if no good deed goes unpunished
  2. damn man how high do you need the vix to be to make money? you say you can double 250 every 2 the hell did you make money when the vix was crap not too long ago?

    and wouldn't 5k be right around your average if you were actually making 125/mo?
  3. only 5k? you really suck at trading.

    dont stop and continue though, eventually you'll understand and youll make it as a trader.

    until then, godspeed
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  5. He is winding you up it seems T28 has made a sly return to the ET board

  6. Yawn
  7. for as many threads as you start about making money, 5k is pretty weak man.

  8. nah i am just sitting around being amused by what he will say next.
  9. Well said.

  10. Market is in a channel until the next "shoe to drop".

    Can't see this market changing direction.

    Holding shorts still, nice lead from the Fed reason to think things have changed.

    In fact, looking for 11500 by end of March.

    #10     Feb 11, 2008