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Discussion in 'Trading' started by funky, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. funky


    i have become quite bored (a good thing) trading my new strategy, and have been wondering about watching other markets. saturdays and sundays suck! what do you guys recommend as far as liquid markets that represent something similar to the morning of the US markets? i'd love to start watching other markets :) i currently use dtniq / quotetracker but i noticed that dtniq doesn't have foreign quotes. I.B. is my broker.

    thanks in advance
  2. mauzj


    Spreadbetting on sports events can be fun. The prices move around depending on supply and demand, news, sporting results etc... However, bookies ban you if you're any good.

  3. TGregg


    I hear ya funky. Now that I seem to be breaking through the Breaking Even Barrier (tm), I can't wait for Monday. :D

    Fortunately, it's now football season, and the Carolina Panthers are doing astonishingly well. Ok, except for those two stupid interceptions by our newbie QB. But we are still beating (for the moment) the SuperBowl Champs, AKA Tampa Bay (a very darn good team).

    So, my advice is to get a hobby. There are worse ones than football.
  4. Hey funky,
    great to hear you are bored! I started a post a couple of months ago "is good trading boring?" and was ripped for it. Care to share the new strategy and why it is boring but successful?

  5. Texas Hold'em
  6. Yep!

  7. jake will take yall where yall want to go. us saints fans were yelling for him to come in and play during last seasons late fall.
    hated to see him go but couldnt blame him.
  8. You might take a look at Ensign Software .

    I have about 9 months of historical charts that I can pick from and "playback" on the
    weekends and at night after the markets close.

    For example, I might playback Nov 2, 2002 tonight. I don't remember how the market traded that day, so it's like a
    completely new day.

    I know, I know...Get a Life, Dude!

  9. Breakout my dad is in his early 70's. He has millions and millions. But he loves his work and is in the office before anyone else, except me. Yeah he leaves by 2:30 everyday, but he deserves it.

    I share the thrill of trading expressed by TGregg and yourself. One of the reasons I participate on ET is because it keeps me connected during the off time. And I am always thinking about trading the foreign markets.

    We are fortunate to love our work. It is a situation not shared by the majority of the workforce of the world I suspect.
  10. TGregg


    You ain't blowin smoke. Kinda diverging from the thread (and mebbe some of these replies need to be herded to chit-chat), but to us folks in Carolina, it's like Jake came outta nowhere! Now, I was appreciative but hesitant after his excellent performance last week - one good half does not a good QB make. But after this game, I am 100% in his camp! Go Jake!
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