Give HarryTrader His Own Forum?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The Answer, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Harry's the same reason you ain't gonna ever see The Answer playin' in the Triangle offense. This all ain't brain surgery. Though I feel like I need surgery after readin' this dude's post's. Maybe let him do his own thing somewhere on ET. I'se think that Scientist could be the moderator of it.
  2. Whatup, AI? You gon' be sorry you sent Van Horn to the Knicks!

    You gonna git played, playa!
  3. "The Answer" - LOL. I love it when people in glasshouses throw stones!

    This guy is a troll. Just read his post history. Not 1 useful thing.

  4. At least AI posts, in the vernacular "some funny shit, you tight-ass fat little white mutha..."

    All you do is post worthless mental masturbations to try and pump your already over-inflated ego.

    Get a grip, scientist and chill out for gawd's sake!

    Juz tryin' to help you grow. Some day you may even have friends!
  5. ROFL! And here comes:

    ET's # 1 TROLL!

    Congratulations! You're only guy yet who can claim that 100% of his posts are flamebait / troll posts!

    You gotta be proud now.

    Read this guy's post history folks. You wouldn't believe it...
  6. Why...sniff...thank you so much...You don't know what this means to me...

    I want to thank all the little people. Without them I wouldn't be able to achieve this greatness...

    Don't take yourself so seriously, mate. In NYC we have a thing called "I'm just bustin' yer balls."

    :D :D :D
    Name : pisspotpete

    Type: Forum Troll

    Attack Modes: Confusion, pseudo-smart posts & BS, flamebaiting and aggressive trolling / insulting, false statements.

    Main Attack modes: Pseudo-smarting or insulting, troll-baiting / return-trolling. Expects you to reply. Allies with other trolls.

    Class: D (Semi-dangerous) - Similar, but less extended behaviour to nononsense (Class B : Dangerous)

    pisspotpete is less dangerous that FPC, nononsense or other ET trolls. However, he is the only troll yet to have posted exclusively troll, flamebait and rubbish posts. There is little chance for bettering here, and most probably the situation is going to worsen. Make sure you prevent further trolling events!

    Identification and Antidote: Pseudo-smarting trolls can be come by via identifying posts as bogus / identifying simple flames and particularly reading post history. Also by monitoring post count - Tends to vary widely (moderator deletion).

    Only replies should be troll identification posts.

    Handle with care. Do not reply to his posts. Do not feed the troll!


    Help us make ET a cleaner place! Know, identify and don't feed the Trolls!

    - The initiative for a troll-free ET forum.

    Troll definitions and how to identify various species:
  8. So that's what you dudes are doin to my hommies that venture out to Howard Beach for a slice of Pizza.:D
  9. Good job scientist. This is Chit Chat, we need to keep it entertaining!

    And for once I agree with you - anybody that clicks on MY posts without wearing latex gloves and a germ mask

  10. Pabst


    It took me a while to guess whether Scientist was an older guy with dementia, or someone just out of their teens. Guess i know now. In any case you are high on my list of:

    Most Judgmental Member on ET

    Least Valuable Member on ET

    Worst Writing Ability on ET and that's a very competitive category.

    Biggest Bragger, Poser, and Instigator on ET

    Least Intuitive/Funny Member on ET

    It has nothing to do with age Bro. Commisso is only 24 and has been perhaps THE most helpful member in ET history. So I'd say sit back, learn, and one day grow up, but I don't know if you're capable.
    #10     Sep 14, 2003