give Cramer some credit

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Jaxon, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Jaxon


    I dont track his picks, but I did catch him a few days ago touting Disney, JC Penny and Ralph Lauren. Check out how those have done while the broader market has been plummeting.
  2. wake37


    what about the finacials or meli or nstk or cat or mnst orgoog or cof or amex or wf. you get my point. He is a loser.
  3. the guy's downfall is the fact that he is on every day and compelled to make a pick. its tough enough knowing where a stock is going in 5 minutes never mind the next few weeks. he should be on once per week and trim some fat off his show;the fat being all the clowning around. fast money is up there as well. dillon seems like a nice guy though so i really cannot come down on him. he's actually a very good host. its just that the bald guy talks too much.
  4. DAMN . . . you need to send this in to production. I agree. He is fun to watch . . . ocassionally.
    No one is perfect . . . especially Cramer but daily is WAY TO MUCH of him.
  5. cramer is very smart,i'll give him that. he also knows an aweful lot about the markets,i'll give him that as well. however,that does'nt make you a good trader or trend spotter either.
  6. He makes so many pick some are bound to be right during some time frame.

    You know, broken clock etc.
  7. bgp


    so what . a few good calls out of how many total calls ?

  8. aapl and goog are his recent trophies
  9. I think someone should start a petition to get Cramer off the the air. He does too much damage and should be stopped at all costs.
  10. He should be given an orange jumpsuit and be led away in handcuffs but that's not going to happen in our lifetime.
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