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  1. I'm 22, graduating next year from a good University, majoring in economics.

    I don't have the GPA/skillset for institutional S&T, but I love the market. I spend inordinate amounts of time designing portfolios, working as an analyst for the investment club, and I am starting as a part time prop trader (mostly for fun/experience).

    What would you recommend in terms of a career path given my interests? How would I go about turning my passion for equities trading into a feasible career?
  2. Advice,

    Do a search on this site for answers to your questions. Self-education is a good place to start.

    Good Luck!
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    you are 22

    ok that is good, in 5 years you will be a trader at age of 27 IF you don't mind working and thinking market day and night

    good luck
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    Write a book!

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    i would say dont expect to be profitable right away if you are going to prop trade. I know i kept a 2nd job when i was just starting, I might be stating the obvious, but it bares repeating
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    I would watch more 'Chappelle Show'
  7. I don't mind working day and night. I got no kids, my parents will let me crash for at least a couple years, and they live near the trade office...

    I already think market day and night, why not at least try to get paid, right? My own account ain't cuttin it.

    I'm willing to forgoe a steady pay stream, at least untill I'm 24, to give this a real shot. I figure the opportunity cost of working a crap job isn't worth it at my age, if I don't have bills to pay.
  8. Get a high paying job but forget "trading". The majority lose. What's so appealing about that? Only gamblers like losing propositions/games. And a casino most likely offers a better ambiance than sitting behind a set of monitors.
  9. ok. But I don't think I-banking is in the cards. I want to do something where capital, and thus profit, is scalable. I figure trying to work my way up the pyramid of a f-500 company is not the way to go. I could prob. work for Fidelity, for example, but my progression towards middle management would be slow and laborious. I think becoming an electrician and doing contracting would make more sense, for example.

    I know I'm kind of brainstorming as I write, but I think it could help some of the other capitalist pig 20-somethings trying to make it in this world.
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    What's wrong with pursuing a post graduate degree just in case trading is not for you?

    In the meantime start long term investing for your retirement. Which is to say dont count on Uncle Sam handing out S.S and Medicare when you're 65.

    Owning real estate is almost always better than renting it, so explore that option.

    Vice versa for women so unless you've found "the One" hold off on marriage and always use a jimmy. 18 years of child support will put a crimp on your trading plans.

    Spend less than you make and take a shot with your surplus in the markets. Unless you own a business or have a very highly specialized skill it's the only (legal) way to outpace inflation.

    Good luck.
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