give a damn penny

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  1. There was a small window hidden behind my internet explorer session this morning which then somehow came to the front which said something like "attempting to download the give a damn penny" and it looked like it was trying to process something.

    I'm not sure what website may have done this as I had looked at a lot before I noticed the window. At the time I was reading the jokes thread, but I had NOT clicked on any links in there.

    Then when I closed internet explorer, the window also disappeared.

    Anyone have any onfo on this ??? I could not find much doing a search. Thanks
  2. I forgot to say that there was a cancel button in the window but when I clicked on it, it did not stop running. Also when I clicked on the X to close the window it did not close.
    Now I don't want to back to the jokes thread. :eek:
    Thanks for any info.
  3. Anyone ???
    No one ???

    I guess I will have to blame NUTMEG !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hmm. I can only imagine what stories your browser history must have to tell...
  5. [​IMG]
  6. :p
  7. When you get a weird pop up, perhaps consider the use of alt-ctrl-delete, then the task manager pic, then applications; and kill the browser application. I believe this will help you not be snookered into installing mal-ware or a virus. Also don't go back to the site that generated the pop up...:D
  8. Bickz


    ...and start using opera, or to a lesser extent, firefox. i think opera has less exploits than firefox.
  9. Been using Opera for 5 years, am still amazed at number of people who do not know about it The keyboard short cuts are really cool and the multitab function with a reduced preview is nice. Suppose its like trading, 90% use Internet Explorer :D
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