Giuliani wants public funding for abortion

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. "There must be public funding for abortions for poor women,... We cannot deny any woman the right to make her own decisions about abortion."

    "Ultimately, it's a constitutional right,..."

    Constitutional right = public funding?

    I want my government issued firearm today!
  2. fhl


    Yeah, it works out perfectly. Some people can't afford a gun to uh, "warn" an abortionist. :D
  3. Guiliani's absurd explanation is a good example of why he is not presidential material. It's akin to arguments that the government is censoring freedom of expression if they refuse to subsidize offensive "art."

    If Guiliani had argued that it was unfair to deny poor women abortions or poor social policy, then at least he would be making a rational argument.