Giuliani Defends Clinton on 9/11 Efforts

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  1. what kind of decent person rubs something like that in? you're starting to sound like a terrorist yourself. you've lost it guy.

    troll extraordinaire
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  2. Pabst


    Access to the roof was prohibited. The doors were locked.

    Chutes? Bro, how fast would someone hit the ground after falling 800ft down a chute? How would you like to get on a "chute" from the 40th floor while a bunch of folks are zipping past you from the 88th floor. Talk about some collisions!
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  3. As opposed to a "decent guy" like yourself who disparages someone's ethnicity and, for some bizarre reason, the occupation they held while working through college.

    Racist hypocrite.

    Take a long look in the mirror, bozo.
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  4. i think everyone can discern for themselves the difference between having a 'good laugh' at the nightmares of terrorism victims, and making a joke about the fact that you were a bellboy

    bellhop do you have any investment tips for us today? :)
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  5. You were a "terrorism victim" because one of the airliners flew close to you? So Americans who did not have that experience of the close airliner are not "terrorism victims"?

    Hilarious to see you flounder after revealing your racist character.

    Furthermore, bonehead, the thread about the dreams says (Good for a laugh) because it makes fun of both liberals and conservatives. Apparently you, with your zero sense of humor to match your zero intellect, mistook it to be a neocon attack on liberals. What a bozo....

    I realize this is the antithesis of your present strategy, but try it out for size:

    1) Buy low, sell high.

    2) Sell high, buy low.

    The above will undoubtedly improve your "gee-this-is-fun-I-get-to-push-some-buttons" strategy that has you scratching your head ad nauseum day after day at the wan results.

    And by the way, your infatuation with bellboys is turning rapidly toward the bizarre.

    [​IMG] Gets you hard, doesn't it? :D
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  6. jem


    I watched it when it was first broadcast.

    It was not factual. Clinton stated the he was accused of being obsessed with OBL. He also made other non factual statements which have been discussed here and in the media.
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  8. I thought the video showed people jumping from the roof? no?
    Besides, that would have required fast ,gutsy decision making , so impossible.

    The smoke mightnt' have been a problem (not on a military chopper anyway) but the thermals would have knocked most helicopters out of the air before they got close enough.
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  9. Not possible, there's most likely extreme amounts of turbulence around/above those buildings... normally and additionally from the heat of that jet fuel fire.
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  10. My bro was a loadmaster on a blackhawk, the heat coming of that thing would have robbed most of your lift from hundreds of meters away. Thats why firebombers keep on moveing, they fall out of the sky otherwise.
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