Giuliani as bad as Bush ... or worse ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kicking, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. The bad stuff about Giuliani is worse than the bad stuff on Bush
    back in 2000.

    Here is a great post form a Yahoo ! user:

    Anyone voting for Giuliani is a stone cold idiot who shouldn't be voting because they are easily persuaded by Politico's propaganda. His friend is going to jail for fraud who he hired as Police Chief, which means you can't trust his judgment in appointing officials. He grossly exaggerates his importance during 9/11, even saying he was at the site more than many of the fire department and police volunteers, which means he's a liar that can't be trusted. He used New York City tax dollars to give his mistress professional security guards, which means he can't be trusted with national funds. Then he lied about it when he was confronted with the information, which reiterates the fact that he's a liar. He constantly excused police shootings and abuse of innocent people, but still managed to lose police and fire department support during his 8 years as mayor. He was pro-abortion and anti-gun during his years as NY mayor but now try to explain that his position was a management ploy, which means he has no conviction and he's not a real Republican. He left New York with millions of dollars worth of funding debt, which reiterates the point he can't be trusted with public money. He cheated on his wife and threw her out of the Gracie Mansion while he was still married and dating some other woman. He has been married four times (one with a cousin). His own kids won't campaign for him because he's such a vile human being and dad. The facts speak for themselves. None of this stuff is made up.
  2. Doesn't matter anyway. Giuliani is going to get crushed during the primaries anyway. I'd be surprised if he even comes close to 20% in the end. I'm betting more like 15%. Romney and Huckabee will come in better than him. McCain, Giuliani, and Thompson will likely be pretty similar, with Ron Paul coming in with probably <10%.
  3. this guido look like herman munster.