Girlfriends & Trading

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  1. just wondering what you had to say
  2. I didn't have to say anything.

    However, if you need some advice...just tell her you'll try viagra.

    Seriously, just maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly...everything will be ok.

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    Interesting to see HOW much you are worth to her !!

    Say something like you are broke and need her to pay you $100 per week. She either flounces out or agrees. Keep raising it until she objects and then you'll know what you are worth for yourself
  4. Tell her you need to trade to support her spending habits. She'll understand and will never bother you again. :D
  5. Don't tell her you trade, she won't know what that means anyway. Do like Robert De Niro in Heat : " I tell her I am a salesman".
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    I find it best to have my girl run around the house in her underwear when I trade.
  7. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    My girlfriend could care less if I's my wife that breaks my chops.
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    Girlfriend? Just make sure she's a model.

    It's actually a legal statute in the US and UK that traders are only allowed to date models. If you later discover she isn't one, you will have involuntarily been in breach of the law.
  9. Trading girlfriends is cool. Got to make sure you do a weigh in before every trading session.
  10. Don't waste you time. They can only inflict damage. Women hate speculators. They want security. Never say you trade. Say you watch the portofolio of your wealthy boss because he trusts you. Women love men that enjoy trust.

    Better, never say anything to them about what you do. Women get excited by mysterious men. If they see you get angry because you lost money, they will immediately label you as a loser.

    Never mix pleasure and work. Having a girlfriend around when you are trading is THE recipe for disaster. It costed me 100K once. She was a model, yes, but she did not worth such a loss from my part.

    Remember the movie 9 1/2 weeks. When she decided to find out what he was doing and followed him he got pissed. He treated her like a slot after that although he loved her. Few got the message.

    Women want to know everything about you to control you. As soon as they accomplish that they move on to the next target.
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